Discover our subtropical gardens in St Ives

Our gardens

We’ve become pretty well-known around these parts for our sea views, top-notch facilities, and knack for knowing what makes a great holiday. But something which stands out for a lot of our guests is our subtropical gardens. And although they may look over 100 years old, they’re actually a lot younger than you think. 

How did our garden grow?

You’d be forgiven for thinking our subtropical walled garden dates back to the days when Tregenna was a family home and farm estate. However, when our current owner bought the castle and grounds around 20 years ago, it was merely a run-down flower and vegetable garden that lay behind those 18th-century stone walls.

The first thing he did when he acquired Tregenna was commission local architects, Poynton & Bradbury, to draw up a master plan for the whole estate. They, in turn, asked local landscape architect, John Moreland, to be part of the design team. John suggested the idea of creating a subtropical garden in the old walled garden area (which, at the time, was ear-marked for self-catering units). The owner said “Yes, we’ll move the units elsewhere. Draw up a plan and get on with it!” And the rest, they say, is history…

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