19th April 2016

Self-catering at Tregenna Castle – the best of both worlds

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It’s time to choose your summer holiday. Do you go for catered or self catering? Do you want to feel independent or indulged? It’s a dilemma.

We all like a break from the daily grind and fancy being spoiled for a while. However, the idea of sharing a hotel room, however comfortable, with your offspring for a week is not everybody’s idea of a relaxing holiday.

There is an excellent solution…Here are our top five reasons why self-catering at Tregenna gives you the best of both worlds.

You can relax

There are different concepts of “relaxation”. For many, this may involve a trip to the spa for a treatment, or a session in or around the pool. At Tregenna you can unwind with some golf, time in the Castle Beauty spa, or simply by enjoying the walk down to the beach.

For parents of young children, you’re more likely to relax in your own space. As well as being able to escape to your own bedroom, it’s far easier to unwind knowing that your progeny aren’t disturbing other guests. Beds are made for bouncing on, baths for shrieking in, and floors for stomping on – and there’s no way you can convince a five-year-old in holiday mode otherwise. Book yourselves into an entire house, and let them giggle to their hearts’ content.

You can eat what and when you want

Let’s be honest – food and drink play an important role in most holidays! One of the joys of holidaying abroad is poking around the local food markets, buying gorgeously fresh ingredients that you can’t buy at home.

St Ives is as close to a Mediterranean destination as you can get in the UK. For lovely fresh ingredients, try The Allotment Deli on Fore Street or the Thursday farmers’ market. St Ives also has a brewery, and look out for the local cider. Bring them back, prepare them in your shiny self-catering kitchen, and (hopefully) eat al fresco.

You can cook to suit your picky kids, and everyone can eat when they want to. You can also have a cupboard and fridge full of snacks and drinks ready for when people want them, and you don’t have to chill your St Ives cider in the bath…

But – and this is always a big but for the family’s main caterer – you may want a break from cooking on your holiday. So, self caterers at Tregenna can simply pop out of their house or apartment and head across to the hotel’s restaurant and bar. The perfect compromise, we feel. And if you’re enjoying the house so much you don’t feel like uprooting yourself, simply call us for a takeaway.

There is something for everyone to do

A 2014 survey by Holiday Gems of 2000 couples revealed that whereas women’s number one holiday activity is reading a book, men (you’ve guessed it) like to try out the bars. Another benefit of resort-based self catering – you can do both on the same site!

When you add children into the mix, you really are trying to cater for lots of different entertainment tastes. At Tregenna, there’s 72 acres for them to explore, including an adventure playground and an outdoor swimming pool. There are plenty of things for you all to do together as a family, and we have links with local water sports providers.

You can let us entertain your children at Castle Kids, our on-site crèche, while you enjoy that book/beer or your first romantic lunch together since last summer’s holiday.

You can bring the whole family 

This is your chance for a proper family seaside holiday. Many of our self catering homes are large enough to take three generations (think of the babysitting opportunities…) or small armies of cousins.

Everyone has their own space in the house, and sometimes grandparents will take a room in the hotel so they can get a bit of peace and quiet on occasion.

As we’ve discussed, there are activities and facilities to appeal to everyone on site, and it’s just a short walk into St Ives. The whole family will love spending time on the beach (and if you self cater, you don’t even have to worry about tramping sand across the lobby).

You’re as independent as you want to be

You can make yourself at home. Although we all appreciate the wonderful services of a hotel’s housekeeping team and love never having to make our own beds, it’s wonderful to enjoy a lie-in on holiday. OK, the infants may have other ideas, but at least you can enjoy a leisurely wake-up coffee on the balcony. Some mornings you may prefer rising a bit earlier and tucking into a full Cornish breakfast in the hotel. It’s your choice.

And that, we think, gets to the heart of it. Choice. Self catering in a hotel setting lets you be as independent or as indulged as you want to be. You can take advantage of the hotel’s services and entertainments while still having a relaxed family getaway.

If this sounds good to you, have a look at our self catering options, and get in touch to book your perfect family holiday.

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